Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's Headlines

New NBC Studio Provides Barrier to Bike Path (Times)

Report: Congestion Pricing For LAX When Hell Freezes Over (Curbed LA)

Sherman Oaks Residents Ticked About 405 Widening (Fox LA)

Downtowners Want Metro Connector Underground (Blog Downtown)

Meetings This Week for Gold Line Extension (San Bernadino Sun)

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ubrayj02 said...

It's pretty cool that Tom LaBonge and Zev Yaraslovsky both went on the record in this article in clear support of a bike path.

I think the river path thing is over rated, but it would be incredible if the City had a continuous bike path through downtown - it would be like a freeway for bikes.

I don't think this tpe of bike path plays to the strengths of bicycles, but this would be a pretty cool amenity.