Monday, February 25, 2008

LA Streetsblog: Help Pick the Tagline

The tech work being done to move Street Heat to Streetsblog is almost complete and LA Streetsblog ought to be here soon. Before the final touches are made and the move is complete, I need a little help from all of you, especially you Angelenos.

I need help coming up with a tag line. The New York Times has "All the News That's Fit to Print," and Streetsblog has "Covering the New York City Streets Renaissance" so what should the tagline be for LA Streetsblog? Post suggestions in the comments section, and we'll announce a winner with LA Streetsblog launches soon.

(Editor's note: I don't know what kind of bug is going around right now, but I know that I have it. This may end up being my only post for the day, but fear not, we should be back at full strength tomorrow.)


ubrayj02 said...

Having someone cover this region the way streetsblog appear to be covering NY is a godsend.

Whatever the tagline, I am sure you will quickly become a locus of change in L.A.

Fred Camino said...

LA Streetsblog: Street level coverage of the New Los Angeles


LA Streetsblog: Re-imagining Los Angeles from the street level


LA Streetsblog: Taking back Los Angeles, on street at a time

Justin said...

LA Streetsblog: Giving you something to read while you are stuck in traffic.

LA Streetsblog: Your daily pain leads to our continued existence.

LA Streetsblog: In the land where we have traffic reports instead of weather reports, Streetsblog is the place for in depth coverage.

scottolson said...

LA Streetsblog - LA's answer to ADD (Automobile Deficit Disorder)

LA Streetsblog - A cure for California's Car Culture

LA Streetsblog - Working the streets for you.

marybeth said...

LA Streetsblog: Moving LA in a better direction.


LA Streetsblog: TRANSforming LA one street at a time.

(or one reader at a time)


LA Streetsblog: Covering LA's streets TRANSformation.

Jessica said...

LA Streetsblog: Redefining Mobility

LA Streetsblog: The Progessive Voice in Transportation

LA Streetsblog: For people, not just cars

LA Streetsblog: Finally transportation planning an thinking for So. Cal like it's 2008, not the 1950's.

last one of course too long - but I swear So.Cal seems like the least progressive in transportation planning and policies

I like Fred's both the at the street level and one street at a time.

Super psyched for LA Streetblog - I've been reading the NYC one for a while and had been bummed we didn't have a counterpart for LA - thanks for making it happen