Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today's Headlines

Pico/Olympic: The War Continues (Bottleneck Blog)

A Beverly Hills Look at Pico/Olympic (Blog Beverly Hills)

43 Injuries, One Death on LA Public Transit So Far in 2008 (LAist)

Patriarch of City Planning Passes (Times)

SANBAG Considering Carpools for Part of I-10 (San Bernadino Sun)

London Mayoral Hopefuls Tout Their Green Credentials (BBC via Planetizen)

1 comment:

Justin said...

That Blog Beverly Hills guy sure has some terrible ideas.

Almost everything that he says makes me cringe.

Congestion pricing on a through street? Wow, nice.

Anti-tall buildings? You mean you prefer that we have further flung sprawl and longer commutes for everyone because we need to take up more space to fit in the same people?

This guy comes of as quite self righteous, and not very thoughtful. How stereotypical of the City that he is blogging on behalf of.
He may want to consider putting down his keyboard before he embarrasses himself, and those he believes that he is representing.