Friday, January 11, 2008

Villaraigosa Vows Return of "Ride Metro with the Mayor"

Speaking in front of a small army of transportation advocates at the "It's Time to Move LA" Conference, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa found his voice as a cheerleader for public transit. Once applauded for his "Ride Metro with the Mayor" Campaign, the Mayor and Metro Board Member admitted that's it's been awhile since he's regularly rode transit; but that's going to change. Villaraigosa promised we'd be seeing him on buses, trains and light rail again, both often and soon.

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Justin said...

I think Villaraigosa is trying to pull a Bloomberg. Unfortunately for Villaraigosa he won't get the same PR for it here that Bloomberg got for it in NY. Why? Noone in LA will be on public transit to note his presence (drum roll please).