Thursday, January 10, 2008

My First Time Hitch Hiking

Since my first trip using Metro, when I gave them an enthusiastic "A" for quality of service, I've had an uneven time riding the bus. Today was one of those experiences that really takes the cake.

The 14 actually drove past me while I was standing on the side of the road, about 5 feet from the sign, waving my arms. Ironically, a nice SUV driver pulled up and offered me a ride to chase down the bus. On the way he told me he used to take Metro, but after the bus had blown past him twice in one week he gave up and now drives.
After catching up to the bus the driver tried to pull away from the curb before I could get in line to get on. As I knocked on the back door (remember it was already pulling away) I heard a couple of people on the bus yell at her to stop for me. When I got on and inquired what was wrong with her, she replied that I wasn't standing next to the sign (I could have touched it from where I was standing) and I didn't look like I would want to ride her bus.
Hey LACBC! When do I get my bike locker key?


Dara said...

Biking is so much better for you too. That's what always drives me crazy about traffic and Hummers and pollution. If you ditch the cars, not only do you get to sleep at night knowing you didn't contribute to the problem, you also can become healthier.


Justin said...


1) You didn't LOOK LIKE you wanted to ride the bus? Nice. I wonder what about your appearance made you look not enough like a bus rider.

2> As for Dara's comment, it would be a lot healthier to ride your bike if you weren't sucking down all of those Hummer fumes along the way.


Hiking In Israel said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and is that the picture of the bus you chased??? sorry was just kidding. Anyhow that was fantastic to read!!!