Friday, January 4, 2008

Transportation Luminaries to Speak on Funding Crunch

Next Thursday, the "LA County Transportation Funding Collaborative" will host It's Time to Move LA, a conference addressing the pressing need LA County has to refuel our sagging transportation war chest. A wide range of speakers (everyone from Metro Chair Pam O'Conner to Streetsblog Favorite Donald Shoup) are scheduled to address a wide range of solutions (from HOT Lanes, to a Gas Tax increase, to monetized carbon credits.) Registration Information can be found on the conference's website.


Metro Library said...

Congrats on the L.A. Downtown News write up.

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L.A. Downtown News

Dan W. said...

God bless them.

The State is broke. We may get some federal funding, but we cannot depend on that providing all we need even if we do get it.

We will need to raise and pay for what need ourselves.

I am willing to pay any reasonable increase in tax and fee if that's what will build the vitally needed rail lines we need.

As part of this, we must also band together and stand up to misguided libertarians and NIMBYs living in the past who still worship the car culture and the misguided, so-called "Bus Riders Union" who cling to their vision of socialist, bus-only transit utopian fantasies.