Monday, January 14, 2008

Mitt and McCain Offer Differences on Car Culture

Cars in Your Blood? You May Want to Get That Checked Out

As the clock winds down on another primary contest for the Republicans, Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney are offering two different visions of what they see as the future of the car industry in America.

Romney wants to bring back all the jobs Michigan has lost and blames their departure not on globalism, but on fuel efficiency standards. McCain, the only Republican candidate to recognize that global warming exists, is at least pushing legislation that would increase fuel efficiency.

Let's check in with the front runners to see what they have to say in their own words...

Mitt Romney: Just as Romney told Schieffer he is the only GOP candidate "that's got the automobile industry in my blood veins," he told the group in Southfield that he alone could remember the Motor City's glory days. "I grew up in this state," he said. "I remember when Michigan was the pride of America."

John McCain: It wasn't government's job to protect buggy factories and haberdashers when cars replaced carriages and men stopped wearing hats. But it is government's job to help workers get the education and training they need for the new jobs that will be created by new businesses in this new century.

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augieky02 said...

The BIGGER problem is...can we bring car companies back by ...

using WATER as a basis for fuel? Specifically...using pulsed electrolysis and diffrent electrode designs to generate brown's gas/rhode's gas at a rate more efficient that standard straight-DC applied current.

If this sounds whacked to you...making you think that this is an impossibility...Then the 'Foreign Oil" and the Gasoline people have succeded yet again with their well placed comments on the blog-o-spheres, regurgitating the "perpetual motion machine...violating the first/second law of thermodynamics" keeping you nodding and murmurring appropriately as you march blind instinctively to your gas station to pay, while cursing, your 3-dollar-a-gallon gas, while saying SOMETHING has to be done.

Well.....THEN DO IT! Start the first steps and go to and read up. Read all you can. Sure. Fringe Science may make you want to run back and pray for forgiveness to your expensive gas pump, and the pastors of petrol at first...but that's because they got you trained at a very base level to not question why things are the way they are.....