Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Want a Chance to Drive a Hydrogen Car?

From an email from the Women's Transportation Forum:

This is no tailpipe dream. The future is here in the form of a fullyfunctioning hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. And WTS-LA will have it ondisplay on December 11. Featuring a revolutionary advance in vehicletechnology, WTS-LA welcomes GM Western Regional Manager for Fuel CellActivities Tim Powers for a lunchtime reception. But Powers will notbe arriving alone. He will be bringing with him a brand-new ChevyEquinox Fuel Cell vehicle, a road-ready Chevy Equinox that runs solely on a hydrogen fuel cell technology. Aside from boasting all of thesafety and comfort features of a Chevy Equinox, this vehicle alsoboasts "no harmful tailpipe emissions."

This is no tailpipe dream. This is future reality. Come drive itbefore everyone else. Join us on December 11 at J Restaurant and Lounge. For more information, download the invitation attached to this email.

Thank you and see you there.

Reservations: Contact Maribeth E.Lopez
(e-mail preferred) at
maribeth.lopez@dmjmharris.com or at 213-593-8254

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Justin said...

Hydrogen is just a tailpipe dream. Building a system to transport, store and sell hydrogen at scale is so ridiculously expensive that it is impractical. It is, however, a nice bright shiny object for politicians and stagnant automakers to point to to show they are going green. Hydrogen sounds so much cooler than vegetable oil.