Tuesday, December 4, 2007

LADOT, CALTRANS Look at Grating problem

(Image from The Los Angeles County Bike Coalition at labike.org)

For those that haven't heard, CALTRANS and LADOT have committed to replacing storm drains that are dangerous to bikes everywhere bikes are permitted throughout the city and all of CALTRANS' District 7 (Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.)

So far, CALTRANS's Office of Maintenance has identified 157 grates that need replacing on State Highways in CALTRANS' District 7. The next step for CALTRANS is to find the money to finish the project.

LADOT is still identifying grates off the state highway network that need replacing and is being aided bu the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition. If you're an LA area bike rider and know of a bad storm grate, email Monica@labike.org. Please list the street intersection of the offending grate, and which corner (SW, NE, etc).

If I see a bad grate while I'm biking around Fairfax, I'll make sure to post pictures of it here.

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LAofAnaheim said...

The government will probably say it's due to traffic & bottlenecks, and we need to widen our roads, make new highways, to reduce the CO2 emissions coming from idling cars.