Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa Monica's Transportation Plan Hopefully a Preview for LA

Last night I tried to go to a public meeting on Santa Monica's Transportation and Land Use Plan. Sadly, whenever I get into a car to go to a meeting that's not local, I don't actually make the meeting because there's a ton of congestion.

Thanks to the Internet, all was not lost. A poke around the "Shape The Future 2025" website, the online home of their Transportation and Land Use Plan, revealed a presentation from an October outreach meeting with a lot of good material. Of particular interest, was their suggestions for reducing congestion:

􀁺 Locate congestion where it has the least impact and keep it from spreading
􀁺 Identify local routes to avoid bottlenecks
􀁺 Smarter regional traffic management
􀁺 Create transportation alternatives that avoid congestion: Expo Line, Subway-to-Sea, walking, biking
􀁺 Create and maintain local services to reduce Santa Monicans’ need to drive long distances

Unlike our friends at AASHTO, the planners at Santa Monica are looking at alternatives to larger roads to reduce congestion. Lets hope that when Santa Monica's neighbor does its own circulation plan, its planners follow this local example of how to move people instead of just cars.

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