Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How I'm Voting for Transportation on November 4th

President: Barack Obama

He's not just a bike rider, he also understands the needs of urban areas and is a believer in transit. There's no comparison between Obama and "Drill, Baby, Drill."

Congress: Henry Waxman

Thanks for helping lift the ban on the "Subway to the Sea" tunneling, but that's not enough to get a picture.

Measure R: Yes

OK, here's the deal. I don't like Measure R. There's a ton of problems with the Measure, and that the "pro" Measure R people have decided to promote it as a congestion relieving road tax completely galls me. And, it completely sucks that the Metro Board fumbled on putting money aside for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Add to that the best argument in favor of this proposal that the Pro folks can put forward is that there will be no new transit projects for 30 years if it fails; well that's the worst kind of fear politics. Either give us what you want or you're fucked. Thanks for the awesome discourse, Your Honor.

We really need this legislation. Our transit system isn't what it could/should be. I know that if this fails they'll come forward with a new funding plan of some sort but here's the thing....the next plan is going to suck more than this one. Over the course of two months, the deal makers on the Metro Board managed to slash the Local Return funds, the only chance of seeing any small part of this sales tax get spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects, so they could build a tunnel to double capacity on the 710. Awesome.

Imagine what they would do if they had years instead of months to vote for the proposal.

My advice? There's a lot of good things funded by Measure R. It's not perfect, heck it's not even great. But it is better than what we got, and if you want to wait for a great proposal it isn't going to happen.

Prop 1A: Yes

A no-brainer. Yes on high speed rail.

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Browne said...

We have to vote for Measure R it's going to cost (according to someone who is probably lying to me ) only 25 dollars a year per resident, that's nothing. I would pay 100 dollars a year to watch what I know won't happen, happen. Hell I would actually be willing to pay 500 dollars to watch that. 500 dollars for the rest of my life I would be willing to pay.

I know LA. I know Metro. Worst case scenario nothing will happen and I can gloat, because I was right (as best case scenario I'm totally wrong. Cool things get built. I have to eat my words and get the benefit of riding on a world class public transit system that I voted for. I am pretty much ok with both of those scenarios or anything in between.

Metro's failure will cause me a sick twisted pleasure. I'm a sadist, what can I say.

Metro being successful, well that would cause me pleasure in a totally different way.