Friday, November 30, 2007

Latino Urban Forum Backs Goldline Extension Connecting Parks

The Latino Urban Forum recently weighed in with its preferred alternative for the Goldline Extension on the East Side. The LUF prefers the northern alternative along the 60 freeway because:

•It will provide public transit to one of LA County's largest recreation centers, Whittier Narrows (1.5 thousand acres) located in a low income region and a rail connection to the Cornfields state park near downtown LA.
•It will decrease congestion on the 60 Freeway
•It will have the least amount of construction impacts on the built environment
•It has the most TOD developments along the right-of-way

For more information on LUF, click here. For more on the Gold Line Extension, click here.

1 comment:

TransitBoy said...

So we're supposed to support a rail path because on summer weekends some people might take it to go to a park?

Where along 60 are we going to put a TOD? When I drive along 60 to the east of Atlantic I recall it going through uninhabited hills.

Clearly a southern route is the preferred route for the Gold Line extension, as there are many transit dependent people in Montebello and Whittier who will welcome such a project. In addition, a southerly route could theoretically connect with Metrolink at the Norwalk station, greatly increasing LA/OC transit mobility.