Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Live and Learn...


I hoped to provide a transcript of the live chat that Pam O'Connor, Metro Board Chair held today between noon and 1 P.M., but the chat dissappeared as soon as it was finnished. I'll contact Metro and see if they can email me a copy.

And here it is!


Metro Librarian said...

The Metro Library has added Street Heat to its selected blogs at

Looking forward to more!


radical transportation engineer said...

That graphic of the road widening cycle is great. They should tatoo that on civil engineers and polticians, particularly in LA, since they seem completely forget this when it is convenient.

And thank you for pointing out that when capacity is restricted (i.e. roadway closed) people actually use mass transit. Perhaps one might conclude that reducing capacity will lead to a modal shift to transit and reduce congestion and emissions.

Maybe the Governor should spend those millions on improving the transit system...just a radical thought.